According to Canadian physiologist Hans Selye, the founder of the doctrine of stress, this is a natural situation that manifests itself around the world. Stress is the body’s response to the first stroke of complexity that occurs before depression. When it appears, it begins to weaken, nerves are depleted, and with progress it rises to a malignant level called depression. At this point in life, he can walk to suicide. This is evidenced today by the mortality of adolescents who, for no reason, cross a young life. Even our children are stressed today. As for minor signs, a child aged 1 to 5 years who is not able to control his behavior is quick-tempered, inadequate shouting about self-realization, impatience when he does not give up, and sometimes even tries to return to him, even if they don’t speak language. Failure to cope with these factors in a timely manner can adversely affect a child’s behavior and can lead to problems such as impatience, anxiety, cowardice and disobedience. It goes without saying that every parent wants their child to be restrained and not to make hasty actions, be patient and be able to withstand trials, withstand difficulties. In this regard, you may be asked: “How does a child get stressed? What does this affect? How do we protect your baby from stress? What are the symptoms? How can we overcome it? ”Are you worried? Let’s try to find the answer together!

Receives a microstroke at least four times a day”

When an older person is depressed, we can conclude: “In the beginning, it may be a temporary test.” And what could be the reason for the restless, hungry child, constantly worrying about something? Have you ever tried? No one comes to a wise person, does not pick up an adult boy and asks: “How can I raise a son?” The man said: “You are one year late, nine months late.” Here is the answer to our question. That is, education begins as soon as the baby becomes pregnant. It makes no sense to share the life of an unborn child and mother. Strength, feelings (crying, laughing, anxiety, anger, fear, fear, etc.) A pregnant woman has a direct effect on the unborn baby. Even series, films, horror films, etc. are twice as likely to affect pregnant women than ordinary people. If a person watches four films a day, he has at least four or five micro strokes per day. This is one of the main causes of stress in a pregnant woman. It also affects children who suffer from various internal diseases. Therefore, it is better to always calm the nerves during pregnancy, drink various vitamins, consult a doctor, read and listen to the Qur’an, read prayers, give useful conversations and help someone. Then the inner child will also become spiritually mature. Many do not know. Because of this ignorance, there are cases of kicking yourself. “There are also rules for pampering “


We very often indulge a child: “Our first grandson”, “Only child”, “Kenzhetay”, “Grandfather and grandmother’s son”. But pampering also has its purpose. Although you take care of your child, life will give its worth. If you give him what he wants and do whatever he wants, he will be demanding and not know what value is. Though small, the idea that it will be realized someday has turned into an unconscious habit, and the child is constantly being whims and is waiting for something all the time. Excessive spoiled children are a stressful, depressive state that children cannot cope with.

Remember that parenting rule also applies. The hero of the Kazakh hero Baurzhan Momyshuly tells:

– Previously, the Kazakhs did not stroke the man’s head when they pampered. He was beaten lightly on the back. “Stroking the head from the very beginning makes the boy feel sorry and he will feel insecure.” Parents wanted their son to be a protector and be able to stand up for his family. On the other hand, the boy will be courageous, energetic and will be able to stand upright. In any case, the boy was slightly slapped on the back so that he was strong and courageous.

And the girls, on the contrary, were stroking the head. The girl is a stranger, the girl’s garden is in a foreign land, not at home. The girl leaves for another house, guards the hearth of another house and gives birth to offspring there. The girl is spoiled as “a child who leaves this house.” They stroked her head thinking “What is ahead and what will happen to her?” When she touches the girl’s head, her head involuntarily bends, her eyes go down and hide. The girl gets used to the habit and does not get tired. Here is just such an elegant touch of stamping forward and backward, which has educational value. Many of us have never even heard what the hero who described it said. Truly, there is a limit to spoiling and pampering. In the past, our fathers did not think that they were still children and did not pay all attention. He talked with hooligan children and was not allowed to repeat these mistakes a second time.

When a child dabbles too much, one must take this as calmly as possible. And when he calms down, it is better to hug him and pay attention to it. In general, a child always cries, cries, and tries to get your attention when he or she needs attention. When you sit calmly, a child who cannot get what he wanted after a while, starts to bounce and act stupidly and make you angry. If you do not pay attention to it, then it will stop. For example, suppose you draw a room. Instead of yelling at him, beating or rumbling, it is better to take things calmly then, after a while he will simply stop messing around. Children aged 3-5 years envy fight for toys, spoons, etc. Children of this age often quarrel with each other. If your child complains: “Aslan took my pen,” never say “nothing, I’ll buy you another.” Ideally, you should repeat what he says: “Ah, Aslan took your pen?” He looked at you and said: “Yes!”. That was all, that was all he needed. In her opinion, you understood him!

Oh, he’s a child, what does he know??”


It is easy to notice that children take an example from their parents of behavior, actions, parental attitudes to the child, there is such a proverb “What a nestling sees in a nest, it does it outside.” Parents are the standard of education for the child. Remembering the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah) be upon him: “There is no better reward for the father than to give good education to the children!” (Imam Muslim). The baby is like a sponge. He absorbs everything he sees. As the pump squeezes water, so the qualities of the child appear when they are checked. When you said, “Oh, what does he know is he still a child?” – quarrel in front of him, you poison his mind and hurt his heart. A child who has heard and seen many bad things is likely to grow up moody. This will also impede him in life.

This is my child?


– Yes, yes … Of course, this is your child! Remember, the kid whose upbringing you entrusted to the phone, the blue screen and social networks so that he does not distract you.

Who else should we be offended by ?! Now that your child is behaving like you, he has no choice but to keep saying this and not be surprised. Do not underestimate the truth, the truth is always painful. Globalization came, and the education of our son was immediately canceled. While you walk around and think, “so that he doesn’t cry,” “Let him fall asleep,” “I’ll quickly finish my business,” he is brought up by others and you become a stranger to him. Do not look for the reason for his character and resistance to anger.

Saying: “You do not touch me, I do not touch”, we can follow what he sees and studies on social networks. Well, even if you have disciplined yourself, how are you going to restore the health that Allah bestowed on your child? Dear parents, we all know that you are deeply concerned about your child’s future. To do this, transfer your child to the education of Allah and to our tradition of morality, and not on a blank screen;



When your child is left unattended, he begins to cry and worry. He behaves differently to attract attention. If you do not track his or her actions and give them the correct rating, they can lead to stress. For this, your child:

– take seriously his diet;

– Pay attention to his sleep mode;

– Determine what he is interested in;

– Pay special attention to what kind of toys he has (son – a car, a girl – a doll);

– It is very important to go for walks rather than sitting at home. Only then will your child be calm. The child is the future of the nation, the source of happiness and one of the greatest blessings that Allah has bestowed on humanity. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) called the child “the fruit of the heart” and “the light of the eyes.” Therefore, we want our beautiful sons and beautiful girls to be as educated and educated as possible.

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