It is good if the child grows up friendly and welcoming. The father must teach the child to take care of each guest. Then the boy will begin to feel like the head of this house after his father.

For example, teach your child to respect adults:

1. “My child, meet the guests”

2. “My child, take the outer clothing of the guests”

3. “My child, bring the guests water in a jug”

4. My child, learn to say “come home, go to the special place” when guests come “

5. “My child, bed guests korpe”

6. “My child, invite the guests to drink kymyz”

7. “Bring a pillow under his elbow”

8. “Invite them to eat”

9. “Put on the table everything that is at home”

10. “My child, take the guests”

Thus, if you say and teach these things, the child will begin to get used to serving guests and, moreover, will receive the blessing of adults, get a chance to be more humble, sensitive to others.

In addition, hospitality is a special way to receive a blessing. It’s not for nothing that the Kazakhs say “the guest brings prosperity with him”, “the guest will bring ten goods and leave nine of them in this house.” For a person who can show respect for the guest will be blessed by Allah!



In order to familiarize the child with skill, hard work, it is sometimes necessary to pass on to him things that he cannot do. For example, if you say “wash the floor”, then he cannot wash it absolutely clean, but he feels responsibility and will do it. If you tell a boy about 6-7 years old to wash the car, then maybe he will wash it superficially. But, as you know, he will strive until he rinses well. Rinsing also ten times, fifteen times in the end he will learn all the ways and will already wash well.

If you say that “the time is yet to come,” “too early,” “still small,” then you will not be able to accustom him to work. He may not listen to you. Therefore, sometimes you need to entrust things that he can not afford and train him.


At present, all adults complain that: “in our times, we honored, were afraid, respected our father, were afraid to look into his eyes, the words“ I will tell your father now ”raised us, and today’s children don’t obey either mothers. ” And why did this happen?

One of the reasons for this is that many children really become “educated.” Modern technology has made children truly educated. A father who does not understand the language of the computer turns to the child for help. Parents who bought a new item in the house ask the child for installation and installation methods. The child teaches father and mother how to use the phone. Because of this, the child managed to assimilate the thought: “Dad does not know, I know.” If the child does not think that he will be such a thought, then this thing will inevitably begin to form in his mind. Yes, the child, the father may not know a smartphone, remote control, laptop. But tell me, who can know the answers to obstacles and important questions of life? He lived it all. On the path that you walk, you are faced with many obstacles. You have a lot of knowledge regarding modern subjects, but your father has a lot of experience. Therefore, you should not teach your father, argue with him, do not interfere in his affairs and know that you are still a child who has not seen life yet. There is grace in the words and mind of the elder. Remember that Allah not only rewards you for listening to and respecting your parents, but also benefits you for your life and for your affairs.

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