Doszhan Ishan raised the spread of Islam in Western Kazakhstan to a new, high level. This is the organization of the Hajj among the Kazakhs of the region, the construction of such a house for the Kazakhs on a pilgrimage in the Arab country, in Mecca, the compilation of the Kazakh Chronicle and the requirement of the colonial government in the 80s of the 19th century for a “separate mufti for the Kazakhs” and etc., this man went down in history through his hard work.

We know that Hazrat Dosan made a great contribution to the creation of Hazrat and Hassan, confirming the unity and unity of the Great Creator of Allah and propagating the Islamic path of Islam for the current generation. In the Aktobe region, within the framework of the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate, a scientific and theoretical conference dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Khaziret Doszhan was held. It would be a miracle if Alash remembered such noble personalities not only on significant dates, but also spread them in our daily lives and pass on their noble heritage to today’s generation. Currently, Dosjan Ishan Mosque has a sloping roof and only walls. From time to time and from nature, they are reduced from year to year. Work is underway to preserve the walls of the mosque as an exhibitor. A domed mausoleum is installed above the tomb. Visitors will be provided with a hotel, a yurt canteen for 200 people, a parking lot and subsidiary plots. Rivers and streams near the mosque will be cleared. Gardens and fruit trees will be planted on 10 hectares.

A look into the future at the Doszhan Ishan complex. Virtual tour.

Ишан ата кешені

Location of Dosjan Mosque on the map:

Route to Doszhan Mosque ( 49°06’35.1″N 56°28’17.3″E ):

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