Now we will tell a legend from an old book, the memories of which are stored only in the hearts of grandparents. Their grandchildren, as before, did not receive education from the village mullah. Only by listening to verses did they learn the value of Islam. According to the historian Nazir Nurtazin, “Islam remained only in the mouths of the village dynasties of the dastan, Kissa, the legendary ordinary man.”
By 1932, the number of atheistic newspapers and magazines increased dramatically. In the USSR there were only 10 newspapers and 23 magazines devoted exclusively to religious exposure. One of them, “Allah” in 1924 by the “Islamic” magazine in Ufa, which was opened by the Bolsheviks in order to gain the confidence of Muslims. The journal regularly published articles criticizing the Qur’an in the fields of astronomy, biology, and medical sciences. Throughout the village, the authorities organized various exhibitions and lectures under the motto “The fight against religion – the struggle for socialism”. There were precedents that mocked Islam. He was compared with village children. The anti-Islamic newspaper-magazine increased its circulation and distributed it for free in the villages. In 1929, the University’s Anti-Religious Faculty was opened in Kostanay. There were sections where they taught the Kazakh language. He taught how to fight Islam, mainly in the countryside. Specialists were trained to fight Islam, who came from outside the villages and set up a red camp there. In the afternoon, the children gathered in the village, and in the evening a lecture was given. There are many anti-Islamic sites in the country, such as the Red Wing, the Red Yurt and the Red Teahouse. Red flags must be placed on the opposite side of the mosque – the madrasah. They taught young men to play cards, smoke and drink. For the first time dishonest jokes were made. Children were attracted to this. This is where funny nicknames and derogatory nicknames begin. They talked about the contradictions of Muslim ethics and customs, and cited various arguments. However, parents were forced to send their children there at that time. Red Flag Specialists Publish Special Magazine to Check if Children Have Come to a “Useful” Lecture

The following anti-Islamic traditions were rejected in an anti-Islamic lecture. Circumcision, prayer, fasting, pilgrimage and burial. “There is no need to circumcise a child. This is a mullah affair. The search for livestock is a tradition. ” An uncircumcised Russian boy was taken to the center. He was led to the Kazakhs by example. “Here is the son of a man like you. He is alive. ” “No sanitation, no worries. “There are germs in the ashtray that the child can get sick from.” This is evidence from medicine. “Prayer takes the time of the workers. Spends water. Fasting is harmful to the health of workers. A disease in the stomach. There is a rule to obey the poor and hungry for fasting. Religion is a matter of earning a mullah. Mullahs would tie a person to prayer in order to stay in business. Sacrifices and sacrifices of mullahs for the inhabitants. ”
The worst harm to people was circumcision. Someone found his boy circumcised and was sentenced to Siberia. People secretly circumcise their sons. Bolsheviks Bolsheviks regularly checked children aged 5-10 years. Therefore, the suspicion that some children disappeared in the village for a week led to serious investigations. There were no mourners in the country at the funeral. If someone is skeptical of anti-religious literacy, they will be investigated and convicted. No action was taken; at night he had to be hidden in the house and buried during the day. He was forced to put a red star on the grave, not a crescent. Those who say “Bissimilus,” “Allah,” “God,” were fined. And if you repeat, he was imprisoned. About 2-3% of Kazakhs died of starvation in 1931-32. How many treasured elders have gone astray, not only in their teachings, but also in their lives. A trace of Yassava culture was on their chest.
In 1937, the executive committee of the Kazakh land began to repress covens, mullahs and religious literate people inside the country “in connection with Trotsky-Zinoviev’s connections and counter-revolutionary elements.” So, during the repressions, along with the intelligentsia of Alash, sane Akhun, Damolla and Mulla were also shot in the country.
Secondly, one of the things that is most under control is to call the child the name of the mullah. Muslims named Mullahs and elders were also responsible for conducting the ceremonies. When the child was registered, the names changed to “ulla”, “mullah”, “din”. Muslim names such as Mukhambet, Ahmet, Hadish, Aisha, Fatima, Omar, Ospan and Aubakir were censored. Allowed to automatically change them. For example, Nurmukhambet – Nurken; Bekmuhambet – Becken; Mukhambetzhan, Mukhamediyar – Mukash; Muhan, Abdullah, Abdrahman – Abish; Aben, Jalaliddin, Abdujalil-Zhamish, Jaken; Cairola, Kabdrahman – Kakish, Kaken; Sayfulla, Samigullas – Saken has changed. Although he was a Muslim, his name was forcibly changed to include the names Karl, Marx, Lenin, Soviets, Kenes, October, Congress, Klara, Rosa, Indira and Zoya.
All artists and intellectuals were forced to fight Islam. Poets and writers were forced to write poems and short stories justifying Islam. And the directors made a mockery and blasphemy. For example, in 1937, Askar Tokmaganbetov had to write the play “Hazret Sultan”. Mukhtar Auezov called the play “one of the great discoveries of our time.” This is a game of great anti-religious program significance, exposing religion to its irreversible consequences. ” Gabit Musrepov also wrote the play “Akan Series – Acts” in 1941, in which he had to portray Nauan Hazret in a bad way. Islamic history is rewritten in a Marxist perspective. In the country of shamanism, risky moods were revived artificially. They did not touch their work. They served as an example of opposition to Islam. Through them, they reflected the negative image of Islam, spreading among the Kazakhs.

Excerpts from the book of Yassawi Phenomenon

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