Zeynabildin Gadzhi Tagiyev (1823-1924), a famous philanthropist and millionaire. A historical figure known for his generosity and humanity throughout the Muslim world. The following are his quotes, which have survived from the time of his life.

You hold the Quran with both hands so as not to drop. Also firmly hold on to your development with both hands.

My parents were poor. They gave me only mercy. And that is the point. All human qualities in us are from parents. I see in this the will of Allah.

I am rich, but not literate. If I had an education and I knew science, I would have achieved more.

Read. Read with a sincere heart. Happiness in knowledge. Remember, the greatest wealth is knowledge!

As a man from this country, I know the status of a woman in a Muslim family, and all her shortcomings are like the back of my hand. There is only one way to save Muslim women from this. This is education and education again.

They (the elderly) do not understand the amazing power of knowledge. He can count to ten, and are very happy about that.

It doesn’t matter which hat is on you (local modest or rich European). More important – below her – that in the head.

Through education, Muslims must be open to people and open their eyes to people for new things.

Teach your daughters! Why don’t you save them from ignorance? They will become mothers in the future. What can mothers do to raise their children? What offspring will they raise?

Do not listen to stupid mullahs. They stupefy your mind. The goal of the ignorant clergy is to keep you, especially women, in the dark.

This is what bothers me. I see it now. Only literate Muslim women who are educated can save us from hypocrisy and ignorance. I am convinced that this view is in line with Islam and in accordance with the commandments of the Prophet. I realized that the future and prosperity of people were closely related to the education of the mother and their good embrace.

Besides many things, I dream of happiness for my people. That is why we work a lot every day. Eam needs to open hundreds of schools. Thousands of books, newspapers and magazines need to be published. They need not only to be made, but also brought to the most remote villages.

I have everything now. Can I lose everything? Yes. Allah gave, Allah took.

I’m not going to leave anywhere. My ancestors and my parents were buried here. After I die, I will also be betrayed to my native land. I want to lie in the land where my father lies.

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Translation of Aishuak Darmenula. 2019 year.

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