The followings of religious leaders by the Bolsheviks in the 1920s and 1930s brought great problems to the descendants of the Hazret family. His eldest son, Khabibulla, was detained in 1936 as an “enemy of the people” and was sentenced to death in prison on January 12, 1937. The middle son of Abdullah Ishan imprisoned and all property was taken. Abdullah Ishan died in 1931. His youngest son, Akkubash, was shot dead in Tuetoba. His grandson Zayit Ishan was sent to Siberia for 10 years. Then until 1947 he was not pursued. The faith of the dead and innocent died in an instant. “Allah is the Master. Religious society collapsed. The path that our ancestors followed was Muslim, moral, to benefit people, at least not to harm. These values ​​are needed now and in the future. Our ancestors are not the only property of our dynasty. The country has remained the same for all Muslims. We want his name to be a symbol of unity, education and development. Some sources say that the descendants of the Hazret family comprise about 200 families. Another important task is to identify gaps in the pedigree. Elderly older people who know past students, relatives, any information that you can tell, valuable information – all these things are important for us, ”said Askan Khabibullin, great-grandson of ishan. On the example of each shanyrak related to him, one can see the past of the country, the Soviet census policy. You will be deeply impressed by the history of Kazakhstan’s desire for independence and freedom. This is what the Kazakhs said: “Everything that went out was kindled, everyone who died was resurrected.” The past is good, now is the time to think about the present and future. Genealogy of the generations of the dynasty, the history of their descendants, the consequences of repression, the chronicles of each family are valuable sources Where the dead were buried, who laid the barrows, where the living people lived, whether there was a connection, what was the address or something else. Dear fellow countrymen, dear brothers and sisters! If you have any questions about the above case, write us or call us. We will m timely publish valuable information on the portal.

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