We already wrote about ishan Doszhan Kashakuly several times. Of the property that is currently left from Doszhan Ishan is the Q’uran and the seal. The descendants of ishan the Holy Book were hidden in a box with flour. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Q’uran took pride of place in the house. A scanned version of this book is available at https://izbasar.kz.

The seal was lost at that turbulent time. This delicate work has been returned to Askar Khabibullin today. The seal reads: “Dosmuhammad ibn Kashak 1248 bowed only before Allah” (year of account). Now the number of historical relics has replenished. Now there is a book of the Q’uran, a seal and a jug. If there are still other items related to the name of Doszhan Khazret, it would be nice if their keeper contacted us. It is best to make this gift to the heirs with your own hands. We would give due for the careful storage of the relics .. Believe me, the historical museum is a very worthy place for these valuable exhibits.

Askar Khabibullin is a direct descendant of Doszhan Ishan. Habibulla is the eldest son of Ishan, then Zayyt – Dauys – Askar . He has his own business, which he does honestly and hard. He does not like gossip, keeps promises, knows how to solve difficulties. He is glad to find the heritage of his ancestor and take care of his memory. A real person who contributes to spiritual development.

The fate of Doszhan Ishan is very interesting. He was an unofficial Kazakh mufti of the 19th century. Congratulations to the heirs on finding the seal of the ancestor, who finally returned to the family.

Photo taken by me. The information is reliable. Historian Aishuak Darmenuly
Досжан Хазірет

Askar Khabibullin

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