Abdollauly Bisen Khaziret (1878-1969)

Bisen Khazret was born in 1878 near the village of Zharyk, Kobdinsky district, Aktobe region, in the Zhamankol district. At the age of 15, father Abdoll sends his son Bisen to study in one of the famous madrassas of Bukhara. By nature, a capable student continues his studies in Istanbul. For three years he studies in Bukhara, five years in Istanbul and returns to his homeland as a great theological scholar.
      After returning from Istanbul, Bisen with the help of the famous in Uile, Kobda master Birman builds a mosque in the summer pasture of Zhamankol. Here he teaches children in madrassas, is engaged in educational activities. The mosque becomes the center of spiritual knowledge. For 16 years, he has been teaching children the basics of religion, the Arabic language. Before the advent of Soviet power, this place was a sacred and respected monastery.
      The width of the mosque is 8 m, the length is 15 m, the height is 3 m. The foundation of the mosque is made of natural stone, the walls are erected from clay. The building has ten windows and one large door. It consists of two rooms: a large prayer hall and an entrance hall. The mosque is located in the Kobdinsky district, in the village of Zharyk. Doors, windows and a tin roof were dismantled.