Baishuakuly Zhumagul (1858-1934)

Zhumagul Khazyret Bayshuakovich was born in 1858, aul No. 3 near, now the village of Kyzylsha. He was educated in Bukhara and spoke fluent Persian and a number of other languages.
In 1906, it was decided to send two people from each Kazakh family to the first elections to the Russian Duma. Khaziret Zhumagul and Hazaret Bekban will receive this status due to their presence in Kobda. In Russia, ballots for the second election of 1906 show that Zhumagul Bayshuakov is 48 years old.
Jumagul was persecuted as a priest and died in 1934.
Zhumagul Baishuakov was a famous priest in Uly Kobda and paid great attention to enlightenment.
He built a mosque in aul No. 3 and taught children from all over the country. In Kobda, only the wall of the mosque that Zhumagul built was preserved.
Zhumagul was known as a religious figure. Even fame became vast thanks to the Six Alashas. His father was a famous man in the time of Baishuac. Zhumagul Akhun, a religious scholar who completed an Islamic education, completed his religious studies, praised his religious education and experience, and was awarded the title of Akhun.
The Zhumagul Akhuna mosque in the village of Kyzylsun in the village of 3 Taminsky, and after the Aktyubinsk district in 1914-16 is called the “house of worship.”
Ekendir Kopzhasarov, a statesman and member of the Alash party, also traveled with Zhumagul Baishuakov in the 1930s. He said that they were in the house of my grandfather Nurgali Bitikov, who was a close relative to him. His grandfather Nurgali was 28 years old at that time. Karimbergen Sarkulov, who was a close relative of Zhumagul Baishuakov, was close to his youth, he worked as a stone-cutter for Zhumagul. He was educated in Bukhara, and then opened a mosque in the village of Uteshsay of the Kobdinsky district.
Zhumagul Baishuakov died at the age of 76. He was buried near the village of Mangilik, Kobdinsky district.